Greg Duckworth | Legislative Updates
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Legislative Updates

15 May Roads Bill Passes just before Sine Die

Sine Die (Latin meaning “without a fixed day”) Adjournment happened this past Thursday and marked the end of this year’s general legislative session. The House and Senate hammered out an agreement in conference that had enough support to pass both legislative bodies and survive the Governor's...

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08 May Roads Bill Update, Opioid Task Force, and CWP Reciprocity

While my House colleagues and I passed many significant pieces of legislation last week, the most anticipated action was the initiation of a conference committee to iron out the differences between the competing House and Senate plans to fix our roads and bridges. Simply put...

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24 Apr Nine Days

              South Carolina has a part-time legislature that convenes on Tuesday through Thursday for about 18 weeks out of the year. We are finishing the 15th week and only nine regular days of session now remain under normal circumstances. My colleagues and...

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11 Apr Crossover Success!

It's called the "Crossover Deadline" - this past week was the final opportunity for either the House or Senate to approve new legislation that originated in its own chamber in order to be taken up by the other with the possibility to become law this...

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27 Mar Advancing Pro-Life, Pro-Gun, and Pro-Military Initiatives

In this 11th week of the legislative session, we made important movement on bills to advance the cause of the unborn, enhance rights for gun owners, and increase affordable access to higher education for our veterans. Committees worked extra-long hours this past week to give...

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20 Mar Budget Week

                    The SC House debated the state budget this past week and passed H. 3720, the General Appropriations Bill for FY2017/2018, and H. 3721, the Capitol Reserve Fund Appropriations Bill. At approximately 12:30 AM, my Republican colleagues and I voted on a final budget that fully...

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