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Author: Suzanne Pritchard

17 May Strand Notebook | Scouts honor North Myrtle Beach man

Greg Duckworth of North Myrtle Beach was recently honored by the Boy Scouts of America and received one of its most prestigious awards. The William T. Hornaday Gold Badge, often referred to as “the Olympic medal bestowed by the earth” was presented to Duckworth during the...

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15 May The Southern Cupcake Company

The Southern Cupcake Company, founded by two best friends, Carisa Squires and Samantha Vince. One from the Southern USA and one from the Southern UK! Inspired by our passion for baking, a desire for something sweeter in life and with much encouragement from family and friends...our adventure begins!
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15 May Duckworth Caring and Trustworthy, by Linley Dew

Greg Duckworth is running for the state House of Representatives in District 104. I got to know Greg when my son was a member of Boy Scout Troop 888 and Greg was the Scoutmaster. I never let anyone mentor my son until I know about the...

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11 May Duckworth Brings People Together, by Patricia Sanderford

Greg Duckworth, candidate for S.C. House District 104, has served three terms as a member of the North Myrtle Beach City Council. While on City Council, Greg showed that he understands the simple fact that different groups have different needs and they don’t always easily...

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10 May Seniority Only Important When Used Well, by Dick Steele

Several voters I recently spoke to asked how electing Greg Duckworth as a state representative from House District 104 would affect our district’s ability to get things done in Columbia, since he is new to the state House of Representatives. I answered that it will increase our ability to get more benefits at the state level.
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08 May DomeCandy

It was on a fateful camping trip, a trip that Bobby Williams, the other half of the DomeCandy duo, did not want to go on as he is the antithesis of the outdoorsy Seth. But Bobby decided if he were going to be dragged into the wilderness, at least he would bring his boom box to keep the music going...but the music (and the boom box) died because it rained all weekend and the box was not built for aquatic adventures.
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26 Apr CB Berry Center Meet and Greet

Food, Fun, & Friends! Please join us! Tuesday, May 1 5:00 to 7:00 pm at the CB Berry Center at Vereen Gardens in Little River Come enjoy meeting with you friends, neighbors, and our candidate for SC House Seat 104 -- Greg Duckworth. Complimentary food and drinks will be available! Thank...

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20 Apr Duckworth will Bring Cooperation, by Cleo Steele

I am glad to learn that Greg Duckworth has decided to run for State Representative in District 104. Greg is a common sense conservative and a small business owner who understand that the primary focus of government should be to create an environment that nurtures the...

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20 Apr Duckworth Best for SC House, by Dee Myers

I read the recent letter by John Bonsignor (April 15, “Incumbents are doing a fine job”). Mr. Bonsignor lumped several incumbents together. I would like to respond about one of the races, District 104 House of Representatives. Perhaps Mr. Bonsignor is not familiar with the qualifications of Greg Duckworth, a challenger for the District 104 seat, since Mr. Bonsignor does not live in District 104. I’d like to mention why 1 think Greg Duckworth is the best candidate for this district.
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16 Apr Docksider’s Meet & Greet

Get to know our candidate! Please join us! Wednesday, April 18 5:00 to 7:00 pm at Docksider's Grille at Barefoot Resort in North Myrtle Beach Come enjoy the beautiful atmosphere at Docksider's and talk with Greg. Complimentary finger foods and happy hour drink specials will be going on, so bring...

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