Greg Duckworth | Bailey – Negative and Misleading, A Democrat Strategy.
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Bailey – Negative and Misleading, A Democrat Strategy.

10 Jun Bailey – Negative and Misleading, A Democrat Strategy.

I would like to address the campaign of William Bailey vs Greg Duckworth. Mr Bailey recently ran an ad stating “GREG DUCKWORTH LIED“. He states that Mr Duckworth voted for the largest gas tax increase in South Caroline history. Mr Duckworth said this money would be used to fix our roads. No roads fixed yet,Duckworth lied. Well let’s look at the facts:

1. Greg Duckworth did vote for the gas tax increase along with 94 other Representatives (only 18 against).

2. The gas tax is an increase of 2 cents a gallon for 6 years for a total increase of 12 cents a gallon. This increase has not even been in place a year yet.

3. The money is to be used to fix roads STATEWIDE not just Horry county. Will roads get fixed – yes. Is Horry County at the top of the list – I doubt it.

My point is, Mr Bailey’s campaign is nothing more than misleading innuendo against his opponent. I guess if you have no history and no plan of what you want to accomplish, then this is all that is left – smear your opponent. Sounds like a typical Democrat strategy.??? So Mr Bailey since you can’t run a positive campaign, I have crossed you off my list and urge others reading this to think about what he is doing and do the same – Cross you off their list in the upcoming primary.

Vote Greg Duckworth..!!!

Keith Jester
Longs, SC