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Catalyst for Community

24 Mar PROCON Steel Buildings

You can huff and puff, but you can't blow these steel buildings down! PROCON Steel Buildings is located in Little River, SC and provides turnkey steel building construction services in North & South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia and Florida.
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20 Mar Voice the Music

With clients from Charleston to Wilmington, the North Strand's Kate Brown helps her students reach their musical objectives as quickly and successfully as possible. For over ten years, her students learn, get performing, and get heard!
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06 Jun was founded in 1999 with the sole mission of bringing businesses and people together in a social way. They are currently expanding into hundreds different markets throughout the US and world.
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31 May Chastain Media

Have you ever "Googled" your business and can't find it? Chastain Media sharpens your internet existence to cut through the weeds and blaze a trail to increased business through personalized and targeted Social Media Marketing.
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22 May Farm Girl Produce

Farm Girl supporting local mom & pop farms, vineyards, and small batch producers. Located inside The Everything Under The Sun Flea Market.
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15 May The Southern Cupcake Company

The Southern Cupcake Company, founded by two best friends, Carisa Squires and Samantha Vince. One from the Southern USA and one from the Southern UK! Inspired by our passion for baking, a desire for something sweeter in life and with much encouragement from family and friends...our adventure begins!
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08 May DomeCandy

It was on a fateful camping trip, a trip that Bobby Williams, the other half of the DomeCandy duo, did not want to go on as he is the antithesis of the outdoorsy Seth. But Bobby decided if he were going to be dragged into the wilderness, at least he would bring his boom box to keep the music going...but the music (and the boom box) died because it rained all weekend and the box was not built for aquatic adventures.
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