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31 May Chastain Media

Have you ever “Googled” your business and can’t find it? Chastain Media sharpens your internet existence to cut through the weeds and blaze a trail to increased business through personalized and targeted Social Media Marketing.

Catalyst for Community: Chastain Media
Greg: Share a little about Chastain Media:

Michele: “We are a small multimedia company that’s family owned and operated in the most true sense. I am the creative mind, as well as the grammar marm when it comes to any ad copy/text we put out there. With my background in English Literature, and having worked as a Copy Editor back home in Washington, DC, as well as being a published writer, anything “wordy” is a breeze for me. The technical side is where my husband comes in. He knows pretty much everything about computers, from how to build them, fix them, upgrade them, write programs, html, build websites, you name it. He’s also great with video, having earned his B.S. in Television & Film Production years ago. Last, but certainly not least, our 21 year old son, Nathan rounds it all out as our photographer and artist. He is a student locally, majoring in Digital Arts, and has already filmed two television commercials for tourism ads here on the Grand Strand.”

Greg: What inspired you to start Chastain Media?

Michele: “When we began to feel the squeeze of the economy, we decided to take matters into our own hands to enhance our income. It just made sense to attempt something we liked doing and we good at, and with the help of Monroe Baldwin, a local business owner & our biggest client; giving us business coaching and introducing us to some of our first clients, Chastain Media was born.”

Greg: What were you doing prior to starting Chastain Media?

Michele: “I was working on writing my first book, while working part time, and my husband had been working for Myrtle Beach Tours since 1996.”

Greg: What is your proudest moment so far in regards to Chastain Media?

Michele: “I have had so many, but I think I am most proud every time someone calls to ask for our help, and tells me they were referred by another client. That makes my day!”

Greg: Any encouraging words for others looking to start a business in this area?

Michele: “Go for it…a great quote is, “Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try!””

Greg: How do you see Chastain Media in a years time? Ten years time?

Michele: “In a years time I hope to have hired someone to help with some of the busy work. In ten years time I hope to be able to employ a few people and to be saving for our golden years.”