Greg Duckworth | Crossover Success – A Record of Achievement
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01 May Crossover Success – A Record of Achievement

Crossover Success – A Record of AchievementThe House of Representatives adjourned for the week after finishing a successful “crossover” period and getting important House legislation moved to the Senate. We’ve nearly completed our agenda with more than a month left in the session.

The House has approved an ethics reform package that increases transparency, accountability and independent oversight, passed new comprehensive legislation aimed at reforming SCDOT, and fought Democrats’ attempts to kill income tax relief. In addition, we approved a measure that would force deregulation and remove government red tape from small business owners, expanded pro-gun legislation and passed the pro-life Pain-Capable bill.

But this gets me back to an issue that has been on Republican Caucus agendas since we achieved the House majority. This year – we also approved legislation that would shorten the session by nearly two months. That legislation is also in the Senate and we hope our colleagues will take swift action on it.

The House passed nearly 50 pieces of legislation this week. Here are a few of the major items we approved this week:

– Environmental Regulation Reform: H3910 – a bill I introduced smile emoticon – reduces the amount of time given to regulators to enforce certain environmental regulations.
– Sunset Certificate of Need: This bill revises and streamlines the Certificate of Need process and repeals it completely in 2018. The House overwhelmingly supported this measure which helps to limit the regulation of healthcare providers around the state.
– Pro-Gun Provision: H3799 approves a concealed weapons permit reciprocity agreement with the state of Georgia allowing licensed CWP carriers to cross state lines without any legal ramifications.

The House of Representatives has a solid record of achievement through the first 15-weeks of session. The House proved this week: It’s time to shorten our legislative session and save taxpayer dollars!!!