Greg Duckworth | District 104 has Suffered Because of Rep. Edge’s Absense
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07 Jun District 104 has Suffered Because of Rep. Edge’s Absense

Why are the people of District 104 getting the short end of the stick? Why aren’t our voices being heard in Columbia? Because Tracy Edge is MISSING!

Representative Edge may not think that his absence in Columbia has had an effect on his job, but we know that it has.

County Job Starts 2008 - 2010

From 2008-2010, Horry County’s average annual new job starts were just 106, while Charleston County brought an average of 2179 new jobs annually during the same time frame! You can view this data from the SC Department of Commerce’s Capital Investment Project at this link: (PDF document).

On June 12th, Vote for the candidate who will be present and put the people first!
Don’t vote for a missing Representative!

On June 12, Vote Greg Duckworth to represent District 104.