Greg Duckworth | Legislative Leadership Initiative
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Legislative Leadership Initiative


We’re glad you’re here and interested in learning more about the Legislative Leadership Initiative!

The goal is to leverage the vast experience of our local residents who are interested in working together to assure the best possible future and quality of life for the families of District 104. In a nutshell, the process will work like this:

1. Initial feedback from our public meeting – identifying priority issues affecting our District.
2. Think tank group – brainstorming sessions for previously identified issues.
3. Leadership briefs – prepared and disseminated to local government for consideration.

We are seeking individuals who want to participate in identifying priority issues within the District that will have an impact on our future economy, growth, transportation, etc. Registrants will source topic ideas and present them to the group at the end of our meeting.

Later on, in a separate “think tank environment” select groups will pursue the topics in order to brainstorm, research, evaluate, and ultimately submit published briefs for consideration by our local leadership.

We welcome anyone with an interest and willingness to lend their time and talent.

Please fill out this form to be included in this group helping to shape the future:


    1. Age group:

    2. What experience can you bring to a think tank group?

    3. In what part of District 104 do you reside? (Map)

    4. Are you willing to: