Greg Duckworth | Duckworth Promotes Cooperation, by Greg Drummond
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18 May Duckworth Promotes Cooperation, by Greg Drummond

Time after time while serving on the North Myrtle Beach City Council, Greg Duckworth showed that he can get competing groups to cooperate on a project to achieve a result that is good for everyone! One example of that is the small wind energy ordinance that has allowed North Myrtle Beach to establish a renewable energy system to generate electricity.

Greg Duckworth worked with a large number of groups in this area to get an ordinance passed that allowed a wind-turbine project that generates electricity without using foreign oil or other mineral resources. To do that, Greg brought together the business community that was worried about losing tourists, the retirement community that was worried about how it would affect the looks of the area, the environmental community who wanted to make sure the earth was protected and other groups with concerns.

Greg found a way to get all of these groups to communicate and share their concerns. Greg then found a way to develop the ordinance such that it addressed all of the concerns and brought those groups together and built a coalition that supported the project.

Greg Duckworth is now a candidate for House District 104. Greg understands the political process and uses it to serve all of the citizens that he represents. He will do the same thing during his term in Columbia. Greg will serve all of the citizens he represents and help bring state resources that will meet our needs.

Please join me in voting for Greg Duckworth for House District 104.

Greg Drummond is a resident of North Myrtle Beach.

To view the original letter to the editor on the Sun News Site where it was originally published May 18, 2012, click here!