Greg Duckworth | Greg Duckworth Listens, Builds Consensus, by Don Sanderford
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23 May Greg Duckworth Listens, Builds Consensus, by Don Sanderford

As a business person and as a public official, Greg Duckworth has learned that he has to listen to his customers, clients and the voters if he is to get things done. In his business, Greg regularly uses interdisciplinary teams to generate the best possible projects. As a member of the North Myrtle Beach City Council, Greg has regularly brought various constituencies together to listen to and address their concerns to get things done.

Getting competing groups to work together for a greater good isn’t something that can just be done. It takes a special kind of person with special skills and a specific mind-set. Greg Duckworth has those skills and that attitude!

We need someone representing us in Columbia that can and will work with a variety of groups to build a coalition that will result in District 104 getting what we need. We need someone who understands that groups that work together will get more than someone who has the need to try to go it alone. We need someone who will be successful in building a coalition that will make this area as powerful as the other areas of the state so we can keep our resources that are currently being funneled to the Upstate and mid-state regions. That person is Greg Duckworth.

I’m voting for Greg Duckworth to represent us in District 104. I hope you will, too. We need Greg Duckworth as our representative.

Don Sanderford is a resident of North Myrtle Beach.

To view the original letter to the editor on the Sun News Site where it was originally published May 23, 2012, click here!