Greg Duckworth | Infrastructure Maintenance Trust Fund
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Infrastructure Maintenance Trust Fund

Horry County Roads

10 May Infrastructure Maintenance Trust Fund

Driving around lately, you may have noticed that there are a lot of roads being resurfaced, re-striped and widened.  The Infrastructure Maintenance Trust Fund is being filled by the gas tax, and projects all over the state are getting underway. If you’ve been in the City of North Myrtle Beach lately you’ll note that Ocean Boulevard, Hillside Drive, and 11th Ave North are looking really good.


You can see by looking at SCDOT’s website that the upcoming project list includes Highway 9 and 90 as well.  All the accounting numbers are there in the March statement and this will be updated regularly so we can see the money coming in and being spent on roads.

As summer nears, tourists will be flocking to and through our state.  The gas tax will help our state maintain and improve roads with money from out of state; AND our gas prices are, on average,  still lower than North Carolina and Georgia!  This means savvy travelers will still be choosing to fill up in South Carolina on their long trips.