Greg Duckworth | It Is Time to Get off a Dead Horse, by Dee Myers of North Myrtle Beach
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29 May It Is Time to Get off a Dead Horse, by Dee Myers of North Myrtle Beach

Dee Myers quoteJay Specter urged the voters, in a recent letter, to not change horses mid-stream. He was suggesting that we continue to vote for Tracy Edge in District 104 of the SC House of Representatives.

I have a different saying that applies even more. When the horse is dead, get off!

District 104 has had the same representative for 18 years, but times have continued to change and the representative has not. Tracy Edge deserves credit for some of the things he did for us 18 years ago, and 15 years ago, and even 10 years ago. But he hasn’t had those kinds of accomplishments lately.

Society has changed over the years, our needs have changed over the years and politics have changed over the years. I haven’t seen that same change in our Representative. He still operates as he did years ago. Representatives from other areas of the state have learned to work together to get things done for their region. Ours has not. Representatives from other areas have learned to work as a group to get their areas the resources they need to grow. Ours has not. Legislators from other areas of the state have learned to change their strategies as the times change. Ours has not. We need a new perspective for our district in Columbia.

That’s why it’s time for a change. District 104 has a candidate in the Republican Primary on June 10th that has proven he is a candidate of today and for today. Greg Duckworth.

Duckworth has a proven history of working with others to get things done. Duckworth has a proven record of understanding the needs of voters today and of finding ways to meet those needs. Duckworth has a proven record of finding ways to be effective without changing his core values—values the voters want in a Representative.

The time to change horses, mid-stream or not, is when the horse is dead. If we’re going to use old sayings, let’s use, “When the Horse Is Dead—Get Off!” It’s time to vote for Greg Duckworth on June 10th.

This letter was originally published in the May 29, 2014 edition of the North Myrtle Beach Times.