Greg Duckworth | Legislative Leadership Initiative Briefs
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Legislative Leadership Initiative Briefs

10 Jun Legislative Leadership Initiative Briefs

This year saw the inaugural Legislative Leadership Initiative. A think tank of constituents from District 104 that looked at solutions for the next 20 years. The results were presented to Political leaders across the county and state in the hopes of guiding policies for future growth.
Below is the letter I sent to my colleagues in the House:

If you are reading this, you’re on the receiving end of 1,000s of hours of cumulative effort
by the District 104 Legislative Leadership Initiative’s citizen-based teams that produced
these inaugural Leadership Briefs.
On behalf of our Legislative Leadership Initiative (LLI) Teams, it is my hope that this
process might become an ongoing forum by which our citizens will have a voice and a seat
at the table — in a positive setting that leverages the vast experience of our residents.
Working together we will assure the best possible future and quality of life for our families,
and communities, in the places we work and play.
In a nutshell, the LLI process works like this:
Step #1 – Brainstorming Session – Completed March 8, 2018, initial feedback from our
public meeting identified “impact items” within the region that influence our future
economy, growth, transportation, etc. Residents sourced topic ideas and then presented
them to the group at the end of the session.
Step #2 – Think Tank Groups – Three “impact items” previously identified during the
brainstorming session were selected for multiple meetings where breakout groups
pursued their topics by researching, evaluating, and developing suggestions in “think tank”
Step #3 – Leadership Briefs – The results of the “think tank” groups were distilled as
leadership briefs and are herein published and being disseminated to local, county, state,
and federal government leaders for consideration. To be clear, the solutions offered are
other than final answers. Rather they are possible targets for aiming, and a means to stay
proactive rather than reactive for timely issues facing our constituencies. Future leadership
briefs will cover other relevant topics.

Connecting the dots — It is my further hope that, perhaps, similar efforts might be taken-on
throughout the other 123 House Districts of South Carolina. Together we can begin to
make better sense of the way each unique part of our state has something to offer another.
Identifying those “dots” and understanding those underlying connections will likely have a
significant impact on our future. I am available to discuss this process if you are interested.

To our LLI team members, I would like to say THANK YOU to everyone who has made this
inaugural effort a reality. The walk of a 100-mile journey begins with the first step. Giving
the gift of your time and talent to our first Legislative Leadership Initiative is an extremely
important first step. Your contributions to our district’s future are immeasurable. It has
been a gratifying and humbling experience to be a part of this process with you all. Please
accept my sincere gratitude.

Yours in service,



Inaugural Leadership Briefs