Greg Duckworth | New Leadership; Fresh Perspective: Greg Duckworth
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29 May New Leadership; Fresh Perspective: Greg Duckworth

New Leadership; Fresh Perspective
South Carolinians should expect more from their elected officials. I want to bring real-life experience and creative, long-term solutions to Columbia to revitalize our district. Limiting government, fostering our entrepreneurial spirit, and cooperating with other state and local officials along the Grand Strand is the best way to do that. District 104 needs a fresh perspective and someone who understands that power lies in the people. As your next representative, I promise to always make you proud. I’ll earn your vote everyday and work to better your life by keeping the government out of it.

The biggest issue we face today is economic development and job growth. Greg Duckworth has worked to develop the local economy as a City Councilman, and job creation will be his primary focus if elected to the State House. Greg knows that the best way to strengthen the economy and create opportunity is by limiting government and nurturing entrepreneurs, so that individuals can invest in their ideas and create new businesses without being stifled by the government.

As a proud husband and father of two sons, Greg knows that family and faith come first. As an Eagle Scout and a leader in his sons’ Boy Scout Troop, he understands that values like honesty, integrity, and cooperation are values that every leader should possess, and that are missing in Columbia. Greg will bring these values back to Columbia and will be a consistent, conservative representative we can count on.

Having lived in this community for over 20 years, working as a landscape architect and serving as a City Councilman in North Myrtle Beach, Greg understands that we need to support and encourage our tourism industry, while expanding our reach to support a year-round, sustainable economy and really take advantage of the opportunities living in the Grand Strand affords us.

Meet Greg Duckworth

  • Eagle Scout
  • Dedicated Husband and Father of 2 sons
  • Small Business Owner
  • North Myrtle Beach City Councilman
  • Common Sense Conservative
  • Promotes lower taxes, limited government, and less red tape
  • Committed to constituent service and truly serving the taxpayers
  • Encourages government reform, transparency, and accountability