Greg Duckworth | No Hope Yet for Change in POA/HOA Laws, by Tom Lewis of Longs
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16 Nov No Hope Yet for Change in POA/HOA Laws, by Tom Lewis of Longs

Our thanks to Tom Lewis for his continued interest in the subject of the HOA law revision in our state. Rep. Duckworth is aware that POA/HOA issues are a matter of serious concern for his constituents and continues to work towards legislative solutions.

For anyone who missed the S.C. legislative HOA law revision committee meeting broadcast online Oct. 27:

All I could see on the committee were the people who still control the POA/HOA system in SC: the management companies, developers, and HOA lawyers. Once again, no one spoke on behalf of the residents of HOA/POAs. The chairman, State Sen. Luke Rankin, relied heavily on these people’s input for his summation that, on the whole, the HOA system in SC was in good shape but there are always a few crybabies who need to be placated. But, none of these crybabies had a chance to speak at the meeting.

One management company claims certification of all agents and the company through the Community Association Institute. CAI does offer courses in community management and a certificate upon completion. The agent gets a certificate, not certification and not the title as a “property manager,” which is gained through state licensing which South Carolina doesn’t have yet.

One management company represented at the meeting has an ‘F’ rating by the BBB.

The lawyers don’t want to lose the cash cow that POA/HOA disputes bring in. Win or lose the case, the lawyer gets big money on what should be a mediated dispute between a board and a resident. But, South Carolina doesn’t have an ombudsman to handle these disputes.

Maybe Mr. Chairperson should hold a town hall meeting for the few crybabies like Sen. Greg Hembree and Rep. Greg Duckworth did a while back at Horry-Georgetown Technical College, where the few crybabies filled the auditorium to overflowing proportions. Interesting that Sen. Hembree’s and Rep. Duckworth’s comments before their town hall meeting were similar to Sen. Rankin’s summary on his HOA study committee but changed after the town hall meeting where they actually talked to the residents of HOA/POAs in the Grand Strand. But, still nothing happened. Why would the residents of POA/HOAs expect any more than that after this HOA committee meeting?

Count me one of the crybabies.

To view the original letter to the editor on the Sun News Site where it was originally published November 16, 2015, click here!