Greg Duckworth | PROCON Steel Buildings
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24 Mar PROCON Steel Buildings

You can huff and puff, but you can’t blow these steel buildings down! PROCON Steel Buildings is located in Little River, SC and provides turnkey steel building construction services in North & South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia and Florida.

PROCON Steel Buildings

Greg: Share a little about the company.

Bob & Dennis: “PROCON Steel Buildings will provide you with a turn-key experience; overseeing your purchase, order, and the construction of your new steel building in a timely manner. PROCON Steel Buildings offers unlimited options and are available in many sizes. All of our buildings are designed to meet your needs, anything from Mini-Storage, Maintenance Shops, RV Storage, Riding Arenas, or Commercial Buildings.”

Greg: What inspired you to start?

Bob & Dennis: “We are always looking for new ways to promote business, income, and jobs in our area. With the housing market and economy in the downward slump, PROCON Steel Buildings was the perfect answer for us in the fall of 2013. This is such a diverse product that we feel we can reach out to so many people and they will benefit from what we have to offer.”

Greg: What were you doing before this?

Bob & Dennis: “We both have been in the construction business for nearly 20 years. Bob Gallagher has been President/Owner of Procon & Associates, Inc. in Little River, SC since 1996. Specializing in the exterior restoration of all building types, the company focuses on correcting building related problems or deficiencies. Dennis Joyner has been the Owner/Operator of Joyner Contractors since 1995. As framing contractors for the Carolinas, knowledge of building and framing high-end homes has been their expertise over the years.”

Greg: What is your best moment so far?

Bob & Dennis: “Without a doubt it has been the people we have met! PROCON Steel Buildings has created friendships we hope will last a lifetime. From a Blueberry farmer, to the SC State Senator, to a Golf Course manager in Little River, SC, to the owner of a Riding Stable in North Carolina, we have been overwhelmed with nothing but positive people since day one…and that is why we are in business!”

Greg: Do you have any encouraging words for others looking to start a business?

Bob & Dennis: “Nothing comes easy. You have to work hard for what you want. Starting a business does not happen overnight. Be patient, dedicated, and don’t ever lose sight of your original goal. Owning your own business is the American dream and can be very rewarding!”

Greg: Where do you see your business in a year or ten years?

Bob & Dennis: “It is our plan to not only be serving North and South Carolina, but expand into the entire East Coast. We see this company growing rapidly over the next several months, increasing in sales and employees. It is our hope that within the next 10 years every county in the state will recognize PROCON Steel Buildings as one of the most popular and fastest growing steel building companies on the East Coast.”