Greg Duckworth | Rep. Edge Missed All 80 Votes of the Final Week of Session
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08 Jun Rep. Edge Missed All 80 Votes of the Final Week of Session

In keeping with his habit of being absent from the job, Rep. Edge missed ALL the votes in the final week of the regular legislative session in the SC House of Representatives. He wasn’t there for 80 votes (not including the three attendance votes held each morning to establish quorum). You can view all the votes that Rep. Edge missed at this link:

Sorry We're Closed

This year alone, from January through May, Representative Edge has missed 46.6% of votes! That number is simply inexcusable! Representative Edge is NOT doing the job that he ASKED the citizens of this district to give him.

The voters of District 104 deserve a voice and better representation from someone who takes the job seriously, a representative dedicated to making their home a better community.

Let’s bring Tracy Edge back home, and send Columbia a legislator who is ready to work.

Vote Greg Duckworth on June 12!