Greg Duckworth | Duckworth Best for SC House, by Dee Myers
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20 Apr Duckworth Best for SC House, by Dee Myers

I read the recent letter by John Bonsignor (April 15, “Incumbents are doing a fine job”). Mr. Bonsignor lumped several incumbents together. I would like to respond about one of the races, District 104 House of Representatives.

Perhaps Mr. Bonsignor is not familiar with the qualifications of Greg Duckworth, a challenger for the District 104 seat, since Mr. Bonsignor does not live in District 104. I’d like to mention why 1 think Greg Duckworth is the best candidate for this district.

Greg is a common-sense conservative who knows that the role of government is to remove roadblocks for small business, not increase them. Greg has run a successful small business that he started over 20 years ago, and has grown it to a profitable status. He understands the needs of both owners of small businesses and employees, and works to make both successful.

Greg has proven himself in public service during his years on the North Myrtle Beach City Council. His voting record proves he has the long term interest of the citizens at heart, and is a true fiscal conservative who will protect the taxpayers’ money.

Greg is a family man who, along with his wife, has raised his children to become contributing members of society. They are successful in school and will be successful in life.

I hope Mr. Bonsignor and all voters will carefully examine the record Greg Duckworth has compiled in his business, his family life and his public service and compare that record to those of the other candidates running to represent District 104 in the House of Representatives.

Dee Myers is a resident of North Myrtle Beach.

To view the original letter to the editor on the Sun News Site where it was originally published April 20, 2012, click here!