Greg Duckworth | Seniority Only Important When Used Well, by Dick Steele
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10 May Seniority Only Important When Used Well, by Dick Steele

Several voters I recently spoke to asked how electing Greg Duckworth as a state representative from House District 104 would affect our district’s ability to get things done in Columbia, since he is new to the state House of Representatives. I answered that it will increase our ability to get more benefits at the state level.

The reason I know this is because Greg Duckworth has been effective at building coalitions and getting groups to work together to get things done! Seniority helps, but it is ability that matters! The groups from the up-state know this. That’s why they’ve been able to funnel so many state funds to their home area.

Greg Duckworth has proven he can do that for our area once he gets to Columbia.

One example of his success in building the necessary coalition is the new sports complex in North Myrtle Beach, where Greg is a member of City Council.

Greg was and is a proponent of the sports complex. He knows it is much more than only being an amenity for our local residents. He understands it is an attraction that will build tourism by hosting tournaments in the off season and bringing a type of tourism that does not rely on discretionary spending. Greg sees the “big picture” and works to make it happen.

Greg understands that sports tourism and the resulting tournaments are high on the consumer’s spending priority ladder both in tough economic times and good economic times. That means North Myrtle Beach will be further insulated from the effects of a changing economy and the taxpayers in the city will be protected from harsh measures necessary in so many other areas of the state.

To bring the sports complex to completion, Greg knew it was necessary to get a variety of groups to see the benefits of the project and work together to make it a success. Greg was instrumental in bringing the business community, retiree community, various community groups and those working within the city’s physical boundaries together into a coalition that worked to get the sports complex built.

Greg Duckworth listened to the concerns of the group, helped modify the proposal to address those concerns, and built the trust necessary for the groups to believe their concerns would be adequately addressed. Greg saw what had to be done and found a way to get it done!

Finally, because Greg believed in the project so much that he wanted his firm to work to help get it done, he abstained from voting on this issue knowing he would like to participate in the development. Greg didn’t let his ego get in the way of a successful project!

That’s the kind of person we need representing us in Columbia. I support Greg and I will be there to vote for him on June 12, hope you will join me.

Dick Steele is a resident of North Myrtle Beach.

To view the original letter to the editor on the Sun News Site where it was originally published May 10, 2012, click here!