Greg Duckworth | The Magic of Wearing Many Hats – What Does it Mean to Me?
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18 Mar The Magic of Wearing Many Hats – What Does it Mean to Me?

Someone once said something along the lines of “if you’re bored with life and you don’t get up every morning with a burning desire to do things, you don’t have enough meaningful things to do.” For me, having the opportunity to avoid boredom is a true blessing and I am thankful for the chances God has bestowed upon me and my family everyday.

First thing this morning while wearing the candidates hat, I took the first step in avoiding the pitfalls of boredom and filed for reelection to the SC House of Representatives. It has truly been an honor to represent everyone on the North Strand at the State House. I want to say “thank you” to you all for the confidence that you have placed in me to be your representative and I ask, humbly, for your prayers and support in the undertaking of seeking reelection.

Later on this morning, wearing the elected official hat, I had the pleasure of touring Coast’s RTA facilities, maintenance and bus yard. Coast RTA’s General Manager, Brian Piascik, has now been on the job for about 10-months and he and his staff have made positive improvements internally and externally to our region’s transit program. With the leadership of the Horry County Council, our public transit program is beginning to reflect their vision for this important economic development component within our region – the transit system supports our local economy and improved ridership, in turn, supports our transit system. Their recent acquisition of newer buses for our aging fleet is placing an emphasis on higher efficiency with on-time performance as well as a positive response from the general public with their new paint scheme – which reflects Coast RTA’s brand! Also, you might be interested to know that Coast RTA plans to roll out proposed service changes and route re-alignments at the beginning of April. For more details about Coast RTA you can visit them at:

At around noon today I could be found on the oceanfront with a client while wearing my design professional hat, where we discussed the highest-and-best use at an exciting resort property.
Then later on this afternoon, I donned my cycling hat (helmet) and put in some miles, riding through the North Strand – it was a beautiful day to be out in perfect weather to clear the mind and take in the scenery.

And now, it’s time to head home and chill out with the family.

For me, wearing many hats contributes to a life of adventure – something I thrive on, something that makes everything going on that much more interesting and exciting to be a part of. Hope you have a wonderful weekend – who knows what hats will be donned tomorrow?