Greg Duckworth | The Southern Cupcake Company
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15 May The Southern Cupcake Company

The Southern Cupcake Company, founded by two best friends, Carisa Squires and Samantha Vince. One from the Southern USA and one from the Southern UK! Inspired by our passion for baking, a desire for something sweeter in life and with much encouragement from family and friends…our adventure begins!

Catalyst for Community: The Southern Cupcake Company

Greg: Share a little about Southern Cupcake Company…

Samantha: “Well, we’ve been open almost 5 months now, opened back in December of 2011. So far, so good, we’ve received lots of positive feedback. In addition to being here daily with cupcakes, we do all sorts of special occasions, such as birthdays and weddings. We have about 45 flavors, and also make sure we have something for everyone, including dairy-free, gluten-free, and vegan. We’re ready for the summer season!”

Greg: What inspired you to open Southern Cupcake Company?

Samantha: “I was inspired last year when I went back to England and saw a really cute cupcake shoppe in a mall, and then read about the sisters who have DC Cupcakes. I thought, “I can do this!” After convincing Carisa (the other half of Southern Cupcake Company) to join me, things took off from there. I’ve always loved to cook anyway. We began as a home-based business, but thought we’d better open now since cupcake shoppes are currently on trend. Since we’ve opened, 2 others in the area have.”

Greg: What were you doing prior to starting Southern Cupcake Company?

Samantha: “I was a paralegal, and Carisa was a stay-at-home Mom. Carisa has 4 children, I have two. I’ve always had a creative side that’s needed exploring. This helps fulfill that. We work well together…we’re a good team!”

Greg: What is your most proud moment so far, in regards to Southern Cupcake Company?

Samantha: “That’s a tough one. I guess donating the cupcakes we do for special events, such as Relay for Life. It feels good to get involved with the community for good causes. We’re hoping to be on “Cupcake Wars” the television show. We’re in the running for season 7. That would be a very proud moment for us!”

Greg: Any encouraging words for others looking to open a new business?

Samantha: “Follow your dreams, follow your heart. There are people out there willing to help you! You’ll surprise yourself with what you can accomplish…no regrets!”

Greg: Where do you see Southern Cupcake Company in a years time? In ten years time?

Samantha: “In one year, hopefully we’ll be on “Cupcake Wars” and that will be great for business, so we can expand and hire more people. In ten years time we hope to have several shoppes!”