Greg Duckworth | Uses Judgement in Decisions, by Faye Chowning
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29 Mar Uses Judgement in Decisions, by Faye Chowning

Faye Chowning quoteTo the Editor,

An individual I have great respect for is running for SC House District 104. That man is Greg Duckworth.

One of the reasons I respect Greg so much is he always reached out to me and other members of the community to ask our opinions on matters that concern us. Once Greg hears our opinions, he uses his judgement to make a decision that will benefit the most people.

Greg may not always make the decision I hope for, but I know he will always listen to what I believe, want and need before he makes up his mind. I respect him for that. That’s the reason I’m voting for Greg Duckworth for District 104 Representative in the SC House. I hope you will too.

Faye Chowning lives in North Myrtle Beach.

This letter was originally published in the March 29, 2014 edition of the Sun News.