Greg Duckworth | Voice the Music
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20 Mar Voice the Music

With clients from Charleston to Wilmington, the North Strand’s Kate Brown helps her students reach their musical objectives as quickly and successfully as possible. For over ten years, her students learn, get performing, and get heard!

Catalyst for Community: Voice the Music

Greg: Share a little about the company.

Kate: “Voice the Music is a company that deals in music/voice/piano/guitar/acting lessons and coaching for all styles and levels, from beginners to professionals. (Also music theory and songwriting!)”

Greg: What inspired you to start?

Kate: “I’m a singer/musician/songwriter/actress, and wanted to share my love of music and creativity with others.”

Greg: What were you doing before this?

Kate: “Performing.”

Greg: What is your proudest moment so far?

Kate: “When grown students bump into me in the grocery store with their own children, and they ask me when their kids can start music lessons.”

Greg: Do you have any encouraging words for others looking to start a business?

Kate: “Be brave…Do what you know….know it well, study it inside and out, and do it well. Always think of the client/customer’s needs first. Their success is your success; their happiness is your guarantee. It is up to you to make the day or not. Don’t bury yourself in too much overhead costs; economic times are too fluctuating to trust anything.”

Greg: Where do you see your business in a year or ten years?

Kate: “Hopefully, in a world filled with many happy clients who are doing what they love.”